Upton Farm Frozen Foods
Unit 5 Warrior Way, Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire SA72 6UB

Telephone: 01646 685 777


Code Description Size Case Price Ptn/Wt Price
G06 Honeycomb 12ptn £17.59 £1.47
G07 Mandarin 14ptn £8.89 £0.64
G08 Strawberry 14ptn £8.89 £0.64
G09 Blackcurrant 14ptn £8.89 £0.64
G103 Strawberry & Clotted Cream 16ptn £24.02 £1.50
G11 Fruits of The Forest 14ptn £8.89 £0.64
G132 Golden Vanilla Fudge Cheesecake 14ptn £18.35 £1.31
G38 Winterberry 14ptn £19.34 £1.38
G92 New York Style Baked Vanilla 14ptn £20.19 £1.44
G93 Plain Luxury Coldset 14ptn £14.06 £1.00
T09 Lemon Tango 14ptn £26.52 £1.66


Gluten Free Cakes
Code Description Size Case Price Ptn/Wt Price
G025 Bakewell Tart x 10 £16.63 £1.66
G045 Welsh Cakes 2 x 20 £20.30 £0.51
G131 Triple Chocolate Cheesecake 14ptn £21.79 £1.56
G14 Aulds Gluten Free Lemon Cheesecake 14ptn £21.82 £1.56
G15 Aulds Gluten Free Rhubarb / Strawberry Cheesecake 14ptn £21.82 £1.56
G151 Toblerone Gluten Free Tarta 12ptn £14.54 £1.21
G154 Strawberry Cheesecake pp12 £16.63 £1.39
G51 Courgette and Avocado Cake (Dairy free) 12ptn £16.36 £1.36
G52 Alabama Fudge Cake (Dairy Free) 14ptn £14.31 £1.02
G76 Sidoli Carrot Cake 14ptn £14.05 £1.00
G77 Naughty Chocolate Cake 14ptn £14.89 £1.06
G90 Caramel Apple Pie 14ptn £13.35 £0.95
G92 New York Style Baked Vanilla 14ptn £20.19 £1.44
GA121 Clam’s Chocolate Brownie 3 x 15ptn £36.75 £0.82


Own Label Quality Desserts
Code Description Size Case Price Ptn/Wt Price
E16 Black Forest Gateau 16ptn £13.94 £0.87
E17 Strawberry Gateau 16ptn £1394 £0.87
E18 Coffee & Mandarin Gateau 16ptn £13.94 £0.87
E20 Passion Crunch Cheesecake 12ptn £13.46 £1.12
E22 Banoffi Pie 12ptn £13.38 £1.12
E23 Frutti Di Bosco –
Pastry case filled with cream patisserie, with fruits of the forest, finished with icing sugar sprinkled on top
16ptn £13.94 £0.87
E30 Chocolate Bonanza –
Two layers of chocolate cake filled and coated with chocolate fudge, finished with chocolate fudge sea shells & chocolate drops
16ptn £13.94 £0.87
E35 Raspberry Torte 14ptn £15.84 £1.13
E37 Raspberry Frangipane –
Two layers of toffee sponge with a caramel & white fudge filling, encased in white chocolate fudge, finished with a caramel ganache and toffee & caramel pieces
14ptn £12.99 £0.93
E48 Tiramisu Gateau –
A moist chocolate sponge layered with a marsala cream finished with chocolate cups
14ptn £17.14 £1.22
E49 White Chocolate Challenge –
Vanilla cake, chocolate mousse, white chocolate & fudge icing, finished with white chocolate cream & white chocolate flakes
14ptn £15.33 £0.96
E50 Chocolate Challenge –
A rich chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, milk chocolate & fudge icing, finished with chocolate cream & crunchy chocolate flakes
14ptn £14.98 £0.94
E51 Chocolate Fudge Cake (Pre-Cut) 14ptn £12.44 £0.78
E67 Profiteroles x72 £16.84 £0.23
E76 Carrot / Passion Cake (Pre-Cut) pp14 £13.60 £0.97


Own Label Budget Gateaux / Cake
Code Description Size Case Price Ptn/Wt Price
E80 Black Forest Gateau 12ptn £8.74 £0.73
E81 Strawberry Gateau 12ptn £8.74 £0.73
E82 Coffee Gateau 12ptn £8.74 £0.73
E83 Pineapple Gateau 12ptn £8.74 £0.73
E84 Chocolate Fudge Cake 12ptn £8.74 £0.73


Pavlova / Meringue Products
Code Description Size Case Price Ptn/Wt Price
D92 Meringue Nests 36 x 3.5” £13.15 £0.37
G33 Raspberry Pavlova 10ptn £11.93 £1.19
G35 Banoffee Meringue Roulade x2 £17.47 £0.87
G352 Raspberry & White Chocolate Roulade 2 x 10ptn £17.56 £0.88


Cooked Fruit Pies
Code Description Size Case Price Ptn/Wt Price
E58 Old English Apple Pie 12ptn £7.87 £0.98
E59 Cherry Pie 8ptn £7.40 £0.93
G16 Bramley Apple Crumble 12ptn £15.70 £1.31
G17 Sidoli Blackberry & Apple Crumble 12ptn £13.73 £1.14
G91 Big Bramley Deep Apple Pie 14ptn £13.58 £0.97


Other Desserts
Code Description Size Case Price Ptn/Wt Price
B40 Crepes French Butter 100 x 20g £25.44 £0.25
B401 American Pancakes 120 x 45g £27.97 £0.23
G014 French Macarons x36 £18.44 £0.51
G017 French Pop Assorted Eclairs x24 £31.50 £1.31
G98 Double Chocolate Gateau 14ptn £10.22 £0.73
PP18 Belgian Sugar Waffles 20 x 90g £11.15 £0.56


Sidoli Quality Desserts
Code Description Size Case Price Ptn/Wt Price
G12 Eaton Mess (Strawberry) 14ptn £15.59 £1.11
G121 Lightly Lemony Ice-Cream Gateau –
Lemon sherbert on a biscuit base topped with cheesecake mousse rippled with lemon curd, sprinkled with a crunchy crumble and drizzled with lemon curd
14ptn £17.60 £1.26
G23 Toffee Lumpy Bumpy –
A moist toffee flavour sponge base, layered with toffee flavour mousse and lumpy bumpy creamy cheesecake, enrobed with a caramel chocolate ganache, topped with caramel & chocolate chunks
12ptn £18.53 £1.54
G24 Chocolate Lumpy Bumpy –
Layers of moist chocolate sponge, rich chocolate flavoured mousse and lumpy bumpy creamy cheesecake enrobed in a chocolate ganache sprinkled with nuts & chocolate chunks
12ptn £18.53 £1.54
G31 Lemon Syllabub & Pistachio Torte 14ptn £17.84 £1.27
G36 Key Lime Pie 12ptn £14.60 £1.04
G39 Egg Custard Tart 12ptn £9.00 £0.75
G40 Hanky Panky Chocolate (Freezer To Table) –
A chocolate biscuit base layered with lashings of white chocolate, milk chocolate & vanilla mousse, enrobed in a milk chocolate ganache, finished with white chocolate pieces
16ptn £19.46 £1.22
G44 Lemon Meringue Pie 12ptn £11.75 £0.98
G54 Mont Blanc Profiterole Gateau 14ptn £20.01 £1.43
G55 Strawboffee Pie 12ptn £14.74 £1.43
G56 Watermelon Cake 12ptn £15.02 £1.25
G75 Fabulous Chocolate Fudge Cake 16ptn £17.28 £1.08
G78 Sticky Chocolate & Orange Cake 14ptn £16.99 £1.21
G79 Sticky Salted Caramel Cake 16ptn £18.53 £1.32
G84 Toffee Crunch Pie With Dime Bars –
A chocolate flavour pastry case with a layer of rich toffee fudge & toffee flavour mousse, sprinkled with chocolate & honeycomb pieces
14ptn £17.50 £1.25
G94 Pecan Pie 12ptn £16.47 £1.37
G95 Chocolate Sparkle Cake 14ptn £17.42 £1.24
G96 Gingerbread Latte Sparkle Cake 14ptn £17.23 £1.23
G99 Angle Sparkle Cake –
Victoria sponge cake with a difference. Three layers of cake starting & finishing with pink sponge and a soft yellow middle layer, all sandwiched together with butter cream & fruity jam
14ptn £16.18 £1.16
T22 Tart au Chocolate 12ptn £15.07 £1.26
T24 Tart au Citron 12ptn £14.08 £1.01


Traditional Puddings
Code Description Size Case Price Ptn/Wt Price
G64 Ultimate Gluten Free Sticky Toffee Sponge Pudding 12 x 160g £15.52 £1.29
G65 Sticky Toffee Sponge Pudding –
Spicy moist sponge containing dates, topeed with a toffee sauce laced with double cream
12ptn £14.75 £1.23
G66  Chocolate Sponge Pudding –
A rich chocolate sponge pudding with a rum, honey & chocolate cream sauce
12ptn £14.92 £1.24
G662 Spotted Dick Sponge Pudding 12ptn £14.92 £1.24
G67 Syrup Sponge Pudding 12ptn £14.92 £1.24
G70 Raspberry Jam Sponge Pudding 12ptn £14.92 £124
G71 Lemon Sponge Pudding –
Moist vanilla sponge covered with a tangy lemon sauce
12ptn £14.92 £1.24
G72 Long Spotted Richard 14ptn £4.99 £0.36
G73 Long Jam Roly Poly 14ptn £4.99 £0.36
G74 Long Treacle Roly Poly 14ptn £4.99 £0.36


Vanier Desserts
Code Description Size Case Price Ptn/Wt Price
T02 Chocolate Ole –
A combination of dark & light chocolate ice-creams on a base of chocolate biscuit, topped vanilla ice-cream, covered with a rich chocolate sauce, covered in white & dark chocolate
16ptn £38.24 £2.39
T04 Raspberry Pavlova (Gluten Free) –
A raspberry ice-cream with fruit pieces piped on an Italian meringue base with a raspberry puree & vanilla ice-cream topped off with a crunchy meringue rosette
16ptn £38.66 £2.42
T05 Mango / Passionfruit Cheesecake (Gluten Free) –
Tantalisingly tropical! A taste of real mango ice-cream topped with vanilla ice-cream, covered in mango sauce with a chocolate crest
20ptn £47.50 £2.38
T11 Mocha Lolly 10ptn £22.31 £2.23
T12 Caribeea Lolly 10ptn £22.31 £2.23
T17 Strawberry Fluff White Chocolate –
A unique ice-cream cheesecake on a base of crunch overflowing with a fruity strawberry sauce with fluffy white chocolate
20ptn £47.50 £2.38
T18 Lemon Zester –
A fresh tasting cheesecake ice-cream in a petal shape on a base of crunch, decorated with a mouthwatering lemon sauce and a soft lemon meringue with crunchy zest meringue & chocolate filigree
20ptn £47.50 £2.38
T20 White Chocolate & Blackcurrant Florette 16ptn £39.97 £2.50
T41 Ladybird Raspberry & Chocolate Fondant Pudding –
The tangyness of the raspberries in the centre of this chocolate feast adds a lovely contrast to the rich courveture pudding, oozing with chocolate & raspberry sauce
16ptn £33.62 £2.10
T43 Ladybird Banana & Sultana Dessert Cake (Gluten Free) 16ptn £27.30 £1.71
T52 Ladybird Toffee Apple Bread & Butter Pudding 10ptn £20.34 £2.03
T79 Gooseberry / Apple Treacle Crumble Tart –
A truly distinctive and warming whole fruit gooseberry & brambly apple mixture, surrounded by a crunchy crumble tart with the extra addition of a traditional treacle mixture for appeal & contrast
18ptn £33.43 £1.86